The dashboard provides a high level view of your hand hygiene compliance.   The dashboard is updated in REAL TIME as audits are being completed using m2go.  

  • mAiRiner supports 2, 4 and 5 moment auditing methods.
  • The dashboard allows YOUR corporate administrator(s) to:
    • Add Patient Care Areas
    • Add Health Care Providers
    • Add Auditors
    • Customize audit schedules and reminders
    • Customize the dashboard widgets
    • Control/edit corporate thresholds
    • Control/edit corporate colour coding
  • The dashboard is accessible through ANY modern browser.
  • Don't have a wireless network in your facility?  Ask us about a Windows based mAiRiner application!




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Audit Schedule & Reminders!

Setup a schedule for each patient care area in your organization.    You can schedule by number of beds or number of observations by period. 

mAiRiner will keep you on track by sending out email notifications before you fall behind.     Are you in charge of more than one unit and worried about receiving multiple emails?    Not to worry, ONE email will contain the reminders for ALL of the units under your care.      


Reporting with mAiRiner
mAiRiner allows you to predefine your custom reports to suit your specific needs.     We support the original Ministry reports and have an additional suite of report types for you to consider.   Can't find one that you need?  Ask us!  

Reports can be filtered by corporation, facility, patient care areas, program group, unit group, indicators, user categories as well as date period.   Reporting output include CSV, PDF, HTML, DOC and XML.

You can customize your report legends and titles, define distribution lists, share, clone and archive reports!

Need to publish reports to your corporate network?  No problem.  Completed reports are easy to find, organized by Corporation, Facility, Patient Care Area, Units, Programs and Period.  Browse through the reports using your native file explorer.

Distribution Lists
Prefer to send reports via email?   Use the power of the distribution lists to send reports to critical teams, at a frequency that works for your organization!  Set them, and let them run automatically!    

Raise Awareness
Consider taking your reporting one step further!  
Ask us about:

  • Digital Signage Integration
  • Corporate Scorecard Integration
  • Corporate Intranet Integration
  • Public Dashboards
  • RSS Feeds


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mAiRiner is secure
mAiRiner provides built in access control features, role based permissions a configurable firewall and SSL to encrypt all data communications between yours auditing devices and mAiRiner as well as all connected users.

Let us work with your IT group to provide offsite backup options that will satisfy necessary components of your corporate IT strategy.

Legacy Data
Take all your legacy data with you when you migrate to mAiRiner.   Ask us how your historical data collected using other electronic tools can be imported into mAiRiner.

Automatic Backups
mAiRiner automatically backs up your data hourly.    We then keep hourly backups for the past 24 hrs, daily backups for the last seven days, as well as a backup file for each of the last 52 weeks.