m2go allows you to efficiently collect hand hygiene compliance data using a mobile device.   
mAiRiner has versions of m2go for Windows devices as well as Apple iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch and Android phones.  Have a Blackberry, aWindows RT device or other tablet?   Use mAiRiner's web based auditing interface with Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

NO specialized audit training is required!    Join a brief FREE orientation and you are ready to audit!    Need to train additional auditors?  No problem!  Just ask us!

mAiRiner follows the Just Clean Your Hands and World Health Organization auditing tools.  All settings and configuration for m2go are sync'd from the mAiRiner appliance to ensure that all your HCP/HCW types, facilities, patient care areas and auditors are up to date.

Real-time data
Auditors can use the real-time data to identify and address any immediate need for procedural changes and/or retraining.



Screenshot 2016-03-14 14.25.35

To Audit:

  • Select Sync
  • Select New
  • Select Date/Time
  • Select Facility
  • Select PCA
  • Add Audit Notes
  • Select HCP
  • Select Moment
  • Select Rub/Wash
  • Select Attributes
  • Select Stop
  • Select Sync
  • Done!


Provide Immediate Feedback
You don't have to wait for formal reports to share audit results with staff on the floor!   As soon as you're done auditing, share the results and provide them with feedback without even having to sync the data!



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Sync Options
m2go sync's with mAiRiner directly or via email, depending on your network configuration.





Dashboard in mAC

Standalone Mode

m2go for the iPad can also sync in standalone mode.   Standalone mode is for single facility sites without a mAiRiner server.    You can define your facilities, patient care areas, and health care workers and your ready to audit.     For more information on our standalone mode ask us.